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Double Dragon Kickboxing

Kickboxing at the Double Dragon


Train where the Kickboxers train! Learn from the best!


Want to get fit? Looking for that awesome body with defined muscle tone and amazing abs?


Then Kickboxing at the Double Dragon is the place you want to be.


Kickboxing is offered twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:45pm - 8:15pm (See Schedule)


Receive Kickboxing training at Double Dragon where you will be coached by 4 of Canada's finest Kickboxers, 3 of which hold National Kickboxing titles!


Kickboxing is a marriage of Martial Arts, Self Defense and Boxing. Complete with upper body work punches, crosses, and jabs - combined with side, front, back, and round kicks give participants a strenuous workout that includes cardiovascular training, strength training, muscle toning and flexibility improvement.


And it's a crazy amount of fun.


Recreational Kickboxing


This is a great way to get in shape by working along with the group but at your own speed and skill level. We have very helpful coaches that are knowledgeable and interested in making sure you get the most out of your class. Did you have fun? Did you learn something new? Did you get a great workout? Are you learning how to Kickbox the right way?


The Kickboxing Program


There are four levels of Kickboxing:

  • Entry
  • Novice
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Each level builds on the last. There are a new techniques to learn at each level. There are private lessons for those who want to get more involved. We have world class coaches who are experts and enjoys their work and the sport. They love to teach the art of kickboxing. Just ask for more details!


Kickboxing Program Notes:

  • Private classes are available upon request.
  • The kickboxing ring is used for conditioning exercises. Kicking drills, footwork drills, working on the ropes, working in and out of the corners.
  • We offer our Kickboxing students the opportunity to spar. This is optional, and not a requirement of the program.
  • Sparring if desired starts with the coaches deciding if you are ready. You begin sparring with your coach who will work with you at first to help you become familiar with sparring. This will be done several times until you, and your coach have a comfort level in your skill and confidence. You will then spar with another student. All matches are monitored to ensure safety and correct technique.

If your intrested please Contact Us or check out Pricing and Schedule

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